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Nursingkart.com is a platform designed for people who require home nursing care for any severe chronic illnesses. To fulfill patients’ day-to-day medical requirements, we offer Home Care Nursing Services, intending to assist patients in regaining their normal life back. We follow a set of care plans tailored to each patient based on their medical history.


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Services that can be administered by Nursingkart.com

We at Nursingkart.com company offer a wide range of healthcare services that are needed to be done to take care of patients at their premises. The goal of Home Care Nursing Services is not to offer cheaper alternatives to hospitals and nursing homes, but to give the best nursing services at home. It helps the patient to get effective medical care at home in the event of emergencies.

Nursingkart.com is one of the leading organisations that offer 24 hour in home nursing care. It enables patients to receive the greatest services throughout the period, and if they want medical assistance, they do not need to seek unprofessional assistance. All the nursing care is personalised based on medical reports and treatment suggested by the administered doctors.

Physiotherapist care

Regular check-up

Consulting doctors at regular interval

Different kinds of medical services presented by Nursingkart.com

Medical situations can not be altered based on the time period. Some patients need short term nursing care, however, other sections of patients may need long term care for an extended length of time. To address such a scenario, Nursingkart.com develops a one-of-a-kind care plan that is adapted to the needs of the patient and allows them to make a speedy recovery. For the inhabitants of Ghaziabad’s regional areas, the team provides ambulance services that assist patients’ relatives in transferring them to nearby medical centres with superior medical approaches. The Ambulance Services in Ghaziabad can be avail round the clock by contacting the team.
Emergency Ambulance

Emergency Ambulance

Nursing Kart provides emergen cy service for chronic patients and mainly an ambu lance service near me to your location

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Medical Equipment on Rent

Medical Equipment on Rent

Where are the best Diagnostic centers near me and pathology labs near me for medical care including ultrasound scan center near me for blood test lab near me?

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Nurse & physiotherapy at home

Nurse & physiotherapy at home

We are the service provider for your Home care nursing services for critical patient treatment by home nursing.

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Nursing Care at Home

Nursing Care at Home

Home nursing services near me that I need a nurse at home for home nursing care of patients.

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Home Nursing Services

Home Nursing Services

24 hours Nurse at home is one of our best home health care service for your Chronic patient care.

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New Born Baby and Mother Care

New Born Baby and Mother Care

What includes our home nursing services for taking care of a new born baby and mother?

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Who seeks home nursing care?

The notion of Home Care Nursing Services came to light when a group of specialists discovered that many people require nursing care at home for a variety of reasons, including
  • The patient is discharged from the hospital following surgery.
  • A patient who needs 24-hour monitoring due to any severe disease.
  • A senior citizen.
  • Patient without a family.
  • Patients with chronic diseases and disabilities.
  • Newborn babies

Nursing care services at home are accessible to any age group personnel. You will get rehabilitation therapy, counseling, infusion therapy, wound care, and many more services under home care nursing from skilled and experienced nurses.

Certified Doctors
Emergency 24 hours

Skilled Nurses

Why choose us?

  • The first thing you should know about us is that we offer high-quality nursing services at reasonable rates, allowing you to get the help of a competent nurse without breaking the bank.
  • All the services we offer are conducted by specialists with professional competence and certification, removing all concerns regarding quality.
  • Our nurses will implement the medical plan advised by the administration after discussing it with the doctors.
  • Most show faith in Nursingkart.com as they offer 24 hour in home nursing care that allows patients to get peace of mind.
  • When you need to move to a hospital due to an emergency, you can use the Emergency Ambulance service right away. The ambulance service is offered around the clock at a low cost.

Expert Nursing

Provide Home Visit

Skilled Nurses

24/7 Service

elderly care services

State of Nursing Services

Patients should not be concerned about the availability of medical services because all nursing and emergency services are supplied by a network of registered nurses and other medical staff. With the support of administrated physicians, highly experienced and professional nurses will identify the medical condition and conduct the medical process. In the case of an emergency, the nurses will approach the team and offer Emergency Ambulance service in order to interact with the physicians for quick medical attention.Nursingkart.com has planned a 24 Hour in Home Nursing Care plan for patients who require round-the-clock care or whose circumstances do not allow them to be left alone. In this plan, registered nurses or medical staff will assist the patient and assess the patient’s recovery rate while administering medications in accordance with their personalised health plan.

Additional to the Home Care Nursing Services the skilled and qualified nurses may provide cultural and mental support by

  • Taking patient out for a walk
  • Helping them in a reading session
  • Allowing to watch favourite movies
  • Interacting with patients to alleviate mental anguish


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